The Valley of Melanes, Kouros at flerio & Potamia

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Today's hike not only combines a few highlights of the island, such as the kouroi (ancient statues) and the green valley of Potamia.

We begin ride to Melanes from where a narrow and nicely paved trail leads to the Kouros of Melanes, or Flerio. This statue dates from the 1st half of the 6th century BC and it was never finished because of a crack in the material. Through a little gate on the left we can get to the gardens of the Kondili-family; the land where the statue is situated actually belongs to this family.

Next we encounter the Kouros of Potamia, amidst the remnants of an old stone quarry. Local farmers offer some explanations on the statue and tell us that we are actually dealing with a "kore", the statue of a girl.

You get a beautiful view on the site of Agios Mamas and after a couple of minutes we'll take a left into the valley. This road describes a couple of bends and thus meanders to the church of Kato Potamia. In front of the church you find a truly beautiful front yard with a large eucalyptus tree.

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