Making goat cheese

Price 85.00

 10:00 – Meeting area the reception area of your hotel.

Our tour today begins at the island’s main town, Chora.

A tour in the town’s local shop carrying traditional Naxian cheeses will show you just how bountiful the island of Naxos actually is: an endless array of cheeses, nuts and seeds, herbs, sweets and baked goods, baskets fashioned in the age-old manner, ceramic pots, and more.

Our next stop is the ancient temple of Demetra dedicated to the goddess of agriculture, from 500 b.C. The temple is built on the edge of the fertile valley and is very important because it is the first temple of Greece made of marble, even its roof.

This day is dedicated to the shepherds, so we drive to the southwest part of the island and we meet the Kaganis creamery. Mister Giannis is a shepherd decided to continue his family tradition. He produces with his wife's help all famous Naxian cheeses. He will show us this process allowing us to participate and try their delicious flavors. A large variety of delicious and spicy cheeses with small snacks will consist the meal of the day. 

On our way back we will stop on a traditional ceramics workshop, at the small village of Damalas, where we will have the opportunity to see how artisans once crafted many of the everyday items used in the kitchens of Naxos’ past. We enjoy modeling clay and an interesting exposition of all old utensils.

Our tour will end around 16:00 by driving you back to your place.