Making goat cheese

Price 100.00

 Incorporating Naxian cheese-making, history, and tradition

Meet in your hotel’s reception area at 10:00.

·         Visit Chora, the island’s main town, and a local shop carrying traditional Naxian cheeses and other of Naxos’ bounty: not only an endless array of cheeses, but also nuts, seeds, herbs, sweets, baked goods, baskets hand-woven in the age-old manner, ceramic pots, and more.

·         History comes alive at the ancient temple of Demetra, dated 530 BC, and dedicated to the goddess of agriculture. Built on the edge of a fertile Naxian valley, as the first Greek temple constructed entirely of marble (its roof as well), it’s of even greater historical importance.

·         Today’s highlight is a visit to the family-owned Kaganis Creamery. A shepherd who continues the family tradition, Giannis and his wife produce numerous of Naxos’ famous cheeses. He’ll teach you how to make some of these, and not only will you participate, but you’ll get to taste the fruits of your labor. Your meal will be made up of a large variety of delicious and flavorful cheeses, as well as of some delectable Naxian appetizers.

·         Stop at a traditional, generations’ old, family-owned pottery workshop, in quaint Damalas Village. Learn how artisans once crafted many of the everyday items used in the kitchens of Naxos’ past. Enjoy modeling clay with your bare hands, and view the shop’s exposition of antique utensils.

·         Return to your hotel around 16:00.