South West Cost of Naxos

Price From 50.00
Departure from Agia Anna bay at 10.00 am and start your cruise at the Aegean.
First Stop, will be Alyko Bay where you will make a stop, for about 30 min and you will have the time to enjoy a cool morning swimming.
Second Stop, will be the Rina Cave where you will also stop for about 30 min, it’s the perfect opportunity to use your snorkeling equipment and explore the bottom of the cave.
Third Stop, Kalados Bay the Southest point of Naxos Island, there the ship will approach a traditional small port and make a stop for 2 hours, in which you can either enjoy a walk by the cost or go for swimming from the beach. During the same time the experienced crew of “Jason” will prepare for you a traditional Greek BBQ to enjoy.
Fourth Stop, you continue and you visit Pyrgaki Bay, on more stop for 30 min, to enjoy one more dive for swimming or relax on the boat and enjoy the afternoon sun.
Lastly, about 17.00 pm you will approach again the Agia Anna bay where your full day sailing cruise will come to an end.