Cooking lessons

Price 100.00


Our innovative gastronomy tours incorporate Naxian history, culture, and cuisine, and therefore are so much more than just cooking classes.

We want you to experience the joy and richness of all Naxos has to offer. And you will see just why Mediterranean cuisine has always been, and continues to remain, the best and healthiest in the world. 

2.    LESSON

A short visit to our local farm will impress you, watching closely the seasonal agricultural crops and having the possibility to gather for yourself your vegetables.

Afterwards we will drive to the place you will make the cooking with the help of a local “magirissa”(cooking woman)

While our food will be cooked a gastronomy tour is ready to begin. Under the guidance of our experienced tour guide Spyros, you will visit the most important places related to all gastronomy habits of Naxian past years like a folklore Museum in village Kaloxylos, an old distillery for the production of the local liqueur Citron, in village Chalki, a pottery workshop in Damalas village, the ancient aqueduct and a renovated olive oil factory, in Eggares village, where you can watch how this “gold liquid” used to be prepared.

Nearby all those places there are also some archeological and Byzantine sites, which depending on time and interest to visit.

After our tour will be finish you will enjoy a traditional Naxian meal consisting of all goods you have prepared the same morning

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