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Incorporating Naxian cuisine, history, culture, and agriculture

Experience the joy and richness of all Naxos has to offer, while learning just why Mediterranean cuisine has always been, and continues to remain, the best and healthiest in the world. 

·        Visit our local farm, learn about Naxian agriculture and gather your own seasonal vegetables, to be used in your cooking class.

·        Join a local housewife in her home and learn how to prepare a typical, traditional Naxian meal.

·        While your food cooks, join our native Naxian guide, Spyros, on an entertaining and informative tour of the island, including visits to the most important sites that illustrate the gastronomy habits of Naxians, even those of the distant past.

·        Visit the folklore museum in Kaloxylos Village, a family distillery producing a local liqueur called Kitron for over a hundred years at Chalki, a characteristic, generations’ old pottery workshop in Damalas Village, the ancient aqueduct, and a renovated, family-owned olive oil factory in Eggares Village, where you can watch how this “liquid gold” was once painstakingly prepared, as well as sample its delectable olive oil products.

·        Depending on time and your interests, additional visits to various archaeological and Byzantine sites will be included.

·        Following the tour, return to the local housewife’s home to savor the delicious Naxian meal you prepared together.

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