Apiranthos - Fanari - Chalki

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Apiranthos - Fanari – Chalki


This is the ideal hike on Naxos that ties together some of the prettiest villages on the island along an obvious, undulating route marked by red dots.

 We start from the picturesque village of Apiranthos where we can first wander around for a short spell. We can visit the folk museum, consisting of three rooms of a not too old house: the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom where you can see all kinds of traditional objects and tools.

 For the start of the actual hike, we leave from this beautiful little square and pass the church Kimissis tis Theotokou and church of Agia Paraskevi, with its white dome. We enjoy a wonderful descent on a meandering rocky trail amidst an impressive landscape. On the right you see the steep cliff of the Fanari, in front of you there is the marvellous valley with the villages of Moni, our next village. We also pause in Chalki to see the church Panagia Evangelistria  Prototronos. This church contains some beautiful wall paintings and specially a marvellous ikonostasis; unfortunately though, the church is usually closed.

 At this point the path bends to the left sharply whereupon the really beautiful trail zigzags further upwards. The retaining walls of the monopati are still clearly visible. The path goes up fairly steeply and behind you, you can see that Apíranthos is quite extensive -- it also appears to consist of two parts. Beyond the village, towards the south east, you have a great view on the island of Donoussa, the island of Amorgos and behind the hill the other small islands.

 We now walk again on a marvellous stone path and we can imagine ourselves on a green slope in the Alps. This is a truly beautiful climb; during the final minutes you take a meandering staircase, which has been crumbled away by unknown forces. On the right, on the lowest summit of Fanari, we find the small church, with a picnic table.


We have agreat panoramic view: in the Tragea-valley you can see the villages of Damarionas, Chalki and Moni. Beyond you can discern the bay of Naxos, with also the islands of Paros, Syros, Tinos and Mykonos.

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